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ShippingEasy 30-Day FREE Trial

ShippingEasy 30-Day FREE Trial

ShippingEasy Free trial
Simplify Your Shipping and Save with ShippingEasy! Start your 30-Day FREE Trial Now!

Shipping workflow

ShippingEasy makes everything easy. It’s highly efficient, easy to understand workflow, removes waste, and cleans the system from useless tasks. You can manage orders from your customers, automate the shipping using the past data with customized options, organize the packaging of your products and manage inventory better, track shipments and notify your customers about the status of their delivery in one simple platform. See how things can get easier. Now, you can focus more on your core business.

Here, you will find how ShippingEasy helps you deliver the products to your customers faster.

1. ShippingEasy integrates with almost all major shopping carts and marketplaces and downloads orders from the store in real-time. As soon as the orders are collected in the system they are filtered, and a custom view is created. In the view, you can split, sort, combine orders with a few clicks
2. All the labels, customs forms, picklists, and packing slips can be printed using your laser printer. Also, you have the option to print labels automatically with instantLabel
3. The platform automatically selects carriers according to your customers’ delivery preferences. You can create rules for delivery preference, weight, and package size
4. Insurance is added to specified shipment types
5. You will get a customizable report
6. Comprehensive shipping reports by destination, services, and segments are generated easily.
7. Do you want to export data to better understand your customers, order, and shipment you can generate desired reports in seconds
8. You can get a summary of your sales in a few clicks
9. You customers and stores will get a real-time tracking information
10. If you want to do your branding to the shipments, you can do that
11. ShippingEasy makes returns easy. You can automate returns by a single click
12. You will get same low rates for return

ShippingEasy features
ShippingEash is working hard to help you deliver your products to your customers as fast as possible at minimum cost. The platforms can manage all aspects of your shipping operations and keep them lean and effective. Some features of the software are mentioned below:
1. Automation
2. Pick and Pack Products
3. User Management
4. Order Management
5. Return Management
6. Carrier and Rate Management
7. Integrations
8. Shipping Labels
9. Reporting
10. International Support
11. Bar Code Scanning
12. Peripherals
13. Customer Marketing
14. Sub Accounts

ShippingEasy deals
Now and then, you will find attractive deals on ShippingEasy prices. Many coupon sites are providing coupons and code to claim discounts as well. You can visit one of the coupon websites of your choice and save money on your shipping.

ShippingEasy integrations
ShippingEasy can be integrated with leading e-commerce platforms working nationally and internationally such as Shopify, eBay, woo commerce, Sears, Squarespace, and many more. If you are looking for carrier integration then the company has worked out things with DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Quickbook and webgility have also an integration option for ShippingEasy. Marketplaces, inventory, carriers or any industry you name it and ShippingEasy has integration with the platforms.

How much ShippingEasy cost
ShippingEasy is offering five different packages to its customers. The cost of using the platform ranges between $0 and $99 per month. The starter package does not cost you a single dollar, and the premium package costs you $99 a month. The remaining three packages, basic, plus, and select, cost you $29, $49, and $69 respectively. Different packages have different rates based on the services the platform is providing. The major difference is the monthly shipment quantities that distinguish various packages. The minimum shipment that the software manages is 50, and the highest is 6000. The basic, plus, and select allow 500, 1500, and 3000 shipments per month.
ShippingEasy locations
ShippingEasy is delivering products to its clients all over the world. The majority of the SME clients of ShippingEasy deliver their products in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. These three countries make 67.74% of the total deliveries and the remaining 32.26% of the total shipments are delivered to the rest of the world through ShippingEasy.

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